Budget and Resource Planning

The Budget and Resource Planning team provides critical support to Waterloo decision makers by gathering and analyzing data to produce meaningful information that can inform decisions about resource planning and budget allocations.

The following items fall into the portfolio of the Budget and Resource Planning team:

Portfolio Description
Budget and Resource Planning Portfolio
Income Projections

Annually projecting government grant and tuition revenues at the institutional level, modelling “what-if” scenarios for variability

Resource Financial Planning

Financial modelling and overview to assist with financial and contractual obligations of the institution with respect to resources, both human and infrastructure

Budget Analyses and Modeling

Financial modelling and overview of queries from senior management, coupling of enrolment planning with financial modelling specific to a program or faculty,  effects of changing programs or academic streaming, “what-if” scenarios at the institution level

Tuition Income Policy Model and Implementation

Financial modelling and tuition rate analysis that maximizes tuition revenue where possible within the MTCU framework. Implementing changes related to streaming and disciplines, working with senior management to understand tuition trending from peers

Program Financial Modeling and Approvals

Financial modelling and analysis of the financial viability and sustainability of new programs being developed.

Affiliated and Federated Institutions (AFIW) Financial Relationship Financial calculation, trending, modelling and implementation pursuant to the financial agreement between UW and AFIW
Teaching Activity Measures and Monitoring

Financial monitoring and calculations to ensure equitability and balance between teaching activity and revenue activity, ensuring compliance with contractual arrangements

Budget and Resource Planning Data Sources and Stakeholders Graphic

For more information, please contact Karl Schuett, Senior Manager, Institutional Budget & Planning.