Accessibility Advisory Panel

Representing the disability community within the University, the Accessibility Advisory Panel is a resource to the University on issues related to accessibility.  While invitations are open to all active student, staff and faculty of Waterloo, recruitment for panelists will focus on individuals with lived experience.  Panelists are able to join at any time and can remain on the panel for as long as they are engaged.  Panelists are requested to participate in discussions and provide input on accessibility initiatives put forth by Waterloo through the AC.

Waterloo commits to seeking feedback and consulting with persons with disabilities on campus-wide initiatives that impact the disability community.  The secretary of the AC is the Committee liaison with the Panel.  Waterloo commits to consulting with the Advisory Panel in the following areas, in accordance to the AODA:

  • When establishing, reviewing and updating our Multi-Year Accessibility Plans
  • Before constructing new or redevelop existing recreational trails 
  • When constructing new or redeveloping existing outdoor play spaces
  • On the design and placement of rest areas along an exterior path of travel
  • When constructing or redeveloping existing on-street parking spaces
  • Any other areas of University’s public service that will have direct impact on the accessibility of persons with disabilities, for example, categories highlighted in Policy 58 – Accessibility.

Recognizing that the University of Waterloo is an integral part of the City, consultation will also be extended to the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee on physical, public spaces to ensure that the community at large is consulted upon. 

To ensure privacy of its members, communication between the AC and the Panel will be completed via email on an as-needed basis. Additional consultation forums, such as: online discussions, in-person meetings, social media campaigns, etc will be utilized as appropriate based on the initiative, or based on request and interest by panelists.