Inclusive Physical Space Framework

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The Inclusive Physical Space Framework (hereafter the “Framework”) is an open resource document developed by the University of Waterloo and Human Space (selected through a public competition) with support from the Government of Ontario through the EnAbling Change Program. It is intended to guide and empower post-secondary institutions to plan, build, operate, and maintain physical spaces on and off campus which uphold strategies for accessibility, well-being, and sustainability.

The initial Framework report is now available:


The University of Waterloo conducted a survey of our physical campus environment – grounds, buildings, infrastructure, and experiences of the Waterloo community in spring 2023 to:

  • to understand your views on how you experience the UWaterloo campus
  • how we might improve its physical accessibility
  • how it can be designed to promote health and well-being
  • how sustainable development continues on campus.

The survey feedback received helped to develop the Inclusive Physical Space Framework.

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