Community Engagement

There are opportunities for all members of the University of Waterloo community to engage with the advancement of accessibility and disability inclusion across our campuses. Please contact to learn more about these opportunities.

Exploring Interest in Future Disability Community Networks

University of Waterloo community members are encouraged to fill out this Qualtrics survey to share their feedback and ideas for future disability community networks. These future networks may include opportunities for disability community meetings, accessibility advocacy, and further community engagement and consultation on University initiatives.

Accessibility Feedback

As the Disability Inclusion Team works to reevaluate the best ways to engage with the disability community and accessibility allies, the University of Waterloo remains committed to seeking feedback and consulting with persons with disabilities on campus-wide initiatives. If you have any accessibility feedback, please Contact Us.

Accessibility Advisory Panel

The Accessibility Advisory Panel is no longer active. As we work to advance accessibility and disability inclusion at the University of Waterloo, our programs must respond to the needs of our community and shift away from one-way communication towards more active feedback pathways and community relationship building.

We encourage all persons with disabilities within the University community to use the Survey: Exploring Interest in Future Disability Community Networks to offer their insights on the development of new programs that will build engaged community spaces and feedback pathways.