Physical Activities Complex (PAC)


  • The lower level door facing the ring road beside South steps is automatic (Student Access Van drop-off location).
  • Upper level door facing Math and Computer Building (MC) on the East side.
  • Upper level doors facing University Club (UC) on West and North.


  • Washrooms are not available.
  • Elevators not available.

First floor

  • Washrooms with an accessible stall are located on the North, East, and Northeast sides.
  • Elevators are not available.
  • A gymnasium is located on the South side.
  • A pool is located on the South end.

Second floor

  • Washrooms with an accessible stall are available in each corner.
  • Elevators are not available.
  • A ramp is linked to Student Life Centre (SLC) on the South side.
  • Vending machines are located at the Blue North corner.

Third floor

  • The third floor is not available.


  • Both floors have to be accessed separately from the outside via entrance number one.
  • The pool is equipped with a lift to assist students from wheelchairs into and out of the water (check with the Athletics office in advance, ext. 3156).
  • Gym balcony and court viewing levels are inaccessible to wheelchairs.
  • The Athletics Office is most easily accessed from Red North.
  • The hallway from North to West has stairs.
  • Pay phones are located on lower level near equipment centre (Red North).
  • Accessible parking for persons with disabilities is available in most lots. For details, contact Parking Services.


Accessible entrances


Food and drink



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