Inclusive Physical Space Framework Survey

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The University of Waterloo is conducting a survey of our physical campus environment – grounds, buildings, infrastructure, and experiences of the Waterloo community.

We would like to understand your views on how you experience the UWaterloo campus and how we might improve its physical accessibility, how it can be designed to promote health and well-being, and how sustainable development continues on campus.

Your feedback will help to develop an Inclusive Physical Space Framework, a performance-based, open-resource document used to guide and empower post-secondary institutions to plan and build physical spaces on campus, to address accessibility needs, environmental sustainability, and well-being.   Have your say in the Inclusive Physical Space Framework Survey! You also have the opportunity to be included in a draw for $50.00 for a WatCard.

Deadline Extended! This survey will be collecting responses until midnight on April 21, 2023 April 28, 2023.  

Participation is voluntary and responses will be kept confidential. Public reports will include only summarized results, ensuring that no individual can be identified.

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