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CEE making an impact in 2021

At Waterloo, Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) is responsible for preparing students for the future of work and lifelong learning through global leadership in co-operative and career education and experiential and work-integrated learning (WIL). Our mission to equip and empower learners includes advancing research and delivering quality programming to strengthen Waterloo’s sustainable and diverse communities.

Demonstrate global leadership  |  Advance research for global impact  |  Future proof students  |  Future proof employers  |  Future proof ourselves

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Demonstrate global leadership

CEE is committed to mobilizing our unique resources, knowledge and leadership within our associations and collaborations with government and industry, to grow and strengthen a robust global experiential learning ecosystem.

This includes a focus on developing a deeper 
understanding of diversity, accessibility, sustainability and intercultural effectiveness within ourselves and our stakeholders.

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Advance research for global impact

The Work-Learn Institute (WxL) is the only research unit of its kind investigating the development of talent through quality work-integrated learning (WIL) programs.

Drawing on the world’s largest database of student and employer data,​ WxL research supports the testing of new models and ideas to continue the evolution of co-op ​and WIL to meet the changing demands of the labour market and establish quality standards.

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Future-proof students

Through our work-integrated learning approach in partnership with our faculties, we equip and empower learners to successfully navigate the ever-changing and complex world of work.

Our research led to the development of the future-ready talent framework (FRTF) – a tool to help students, employers and educators understand the competencies we all need to navigate the future of work and learning.

The FRTF continues to be incorporated throughout co-op student evaluations, work term consultations, professional development courses and career workshops.

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Future-proof employers

CEE works with employers to create rich, quality learning experiences. By engaging with our extensive employer network to share research findings and best talent management practices, we help empower employers to build resilient and innovative organizations.

Insights from the Work-Learn Institute’s (WxL) research guides employers on implementing a quality WIL program to build a talent pipeline and add value. We provide employers with consultations, customized insights and training programs to improve workforce recruitment, onboarding, upskilling and retention.

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Future-proof ourselves

With the aim of fostering a culture of engagement, transparency and continuous improvement, we are implementing new onboarding and development processes. These include:

  • Foundational information about the Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF)
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism (EDI-R) best practices
  • Workforce planning
  • Improving internal and external communications
  • Building self-awareness and intercultural skills

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