Future-proof ourselves

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We foster a connected, supportive and inclusive community that embraces diversity and equity to inspire staff, students, faculty, post-docs and alumni to achieve their personal, academic and professional goals while feeling valued and respected.

We will continue to leverage our resources to engage, develop and build our capacity and infrastructure towards sustainability and effectiveness.

Goal: Future proof ourselves

As we seek to equip and empower ourselves for the future of our own work and pursuit of lifelong learning, we strive to live our values of curiosity, belonging, engagement and courage within a culture that sustains wellness.

We will draw upon our values to create a supportive environment that welcomes diversity and invites discussion, dialogue and understanding. Though we all come from different paths in life, we are committed to removing barriers and providing access to resources and opportunities regardless of background or identity.

Our research has shown a lifelong learning mindset is a critical component of career success. Within CEE we foster lifelong learning through creating a staff professional development program to enable us to understand changing workplace needs, and to continuously improve and build our own knowledge and skills.

Within our own local community, we are founding partners of a coalition with government, industry, non-profit and educational institutions to examine the challenges of the future of work and to prepare our local community and workforce to succeed in all aspects of talent development.

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  • Establish the AAA★ WIL Quality standard within our practices and processes to ensure we deliver high impact work-integrated learning programs
  • Build a robust training and professional development program for our staff to maintain world-leadership in the delivery of WIL programming
  • Foster an environment that supports and sustains individual wellness, respects diversity, equity and values inclusion as we work collaboratively with one another to support high levels of staff enablement and engagement
  • Build sustainability practices as a key component of our contribution and impact
  • Continue to evolve and innovate our communications, technology, services, processes and practices in alignment with student, employer and staff requirements to be agile and proactive
  • Develop a deeper collective understanding of economic conditions using data to better identify employment prospects, emerging employment markets/industries and the impact upon enrolment
  • Continue to provide support to our faculty for developing high quality WIL experiences