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Healthy eating basics

Basket of vegetables

Eating nutritious, healthy meals on a regular basis is an important foundation for your self-care routine. Sometimes eating well can seem like a complicated process or a chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Keep these basics in mind to help plan out your weekly meals:

Making friends as an introvert

Students sitting under a tree

While many people look forward to the start of the school term as a time of new beginnings and to meet new people, for an introvert this time can be quite difficult. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, an introvert is a person for whom social situations can be difficult due to their shy nature. The idea of meeting new people, remembering new names, and trying to make new friends can cause stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to help reduce the stress of making new friends:

Campus Wellness is here for you

People in the waiting area at Counselling Services

Welcome, new and returning Warriors! Campus Wellness is excited to be here to support you as you come back to campus or are just arriving for the first time. Here’s an overview of some of the Campus Wellness services you can access as a University of Waterloo student:

Bug bites and stings

Bee on a lavendar flower

With the summer months upon us, you’ll likely be outside more and consequently, you might end up getting a bug bite or sting. Health Services sees an increase in visitors looking for more information about bites that they’ve received over the summer.

Here’s some frequently asked questions about bug bites and stings:

Wellness podcast and app recommendations: The Anxiety Guy and Calm

Person wearing pink headphones

Podcasts and apps can be an excellent complement to your self-care routine. The Campus Wellness blog will be posting recommendations for podcasts and apps that might help you find motivation or cope with stress. These recommendations are made for educational purposes only.

Five sun protection tips for summer

Two girls lying on a dock wearing sun glasses

With beautiful summer weather happening you’ll be tempted to spend more time outside. Whether you’re hiking, having a picnic, canoeing at Laurel Creek, or studying on the grass on campus, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get too much sun. Getting too much sun can lead to sunburn, dehydration or heat stroke. Here are five ways you can enjoy the summer sun more safely:

Mindfulness and meditation for stress reduction

Meditation by the lake

You may have seen a recent study from University of Waterloo that found that 10 minutes of meditation can help anxious people focus in stressful situations.

Managing emotions in difficult situations

Person holding tea in front of computer

It’s the night before your exam, and you’ve been studying for longer than you’d care to admit. You can’t focus on the page anymore but you feel like you need to keep going. You feel unprepared, anxious, and afraid of failing. In this situation, your emotions might take over causing you distress. 


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