Single and Sexy celebrates 30 years of performances during Orientation week

2018 cast members

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of Single and Sexy. Single and Sexy is a play produced by Campus Wellness and supported by various departments and community organizations. The play replaces the traditional orientation lecture, with a high energy, entertaining, non-judgmental, powerful presentation of scenarios and attitudes first-year students may witness or experience.

Single and Sexy is attended and recommended by staff, faculty, upper-year students, and many community-based agencies. It has been applauded as a model peer-education program. The success of Single and Sexy at captivating first-year students at University of Waterloo has received national and international recognition and the play has been adapted at other universities and colleges in Canada and around the world.<--break->

“When I walked out of Single and Sexy I was so surprised. There was so much information. There was so much good stuff that I came out with. Everything was positive. It showed you bad things but it showed them to you in a good light.”

Student testimonial​

Single and Sexy tackles issues such as drug and alcohol use, date rape, racism, homophobia, unhealthy relationships, STIs, depression, plagiarism, and more. The play is written and performed by University of Waterloo students for University of Waterloo students and is considered by many to be a highlight of Orientation Week.

“It was provocative. It blew my mind. It was things I’ve never seen before. We’ve all been to those shows in high school where they come in and they say “don’t have sex…blah, blah, blah,” and it’s boring and dry…but this is serious in your face stuff, that’s funny [and] relevant.”

Student testimonial​

Sandra Gibson, Manager, Health Education and Promotion states, “Single & Sexy utilizes a peer-to-peer approached and educational theatre to provide valuable information and resources to first-year students. This approach allows students to witness through theatre how to manage difficult situations, where to go for support, and how certain behaviours may affect others."

The 30th Anniversary premiere performance is on August 31 at 10:45 a.m. We welcome University of Waterloo staff and faculty, friends and family, and community members to attend and support this important endeavour. To get your tickets, see the Eventbrite listing. Watch our videos to see to see highlights from past performances and behind the scenes shots from this year's rehearsals.


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