Roly Webster

More than once during my career I have failed in job competitions, and ultimately it has gotten me to where I am today. Each time it was frustrating to hear that I was not the preferred candidate, and the disappointment caused me to reflect and focus on opportunities to better position myself in the future success. 

Even when I was feeling frustrated, I tried to view the experience with a ‘glass half-full’ approach.

Though I felt I was well prepared and qualified, being overlooked caused me to either pivot in my career path, and/or acquire new experiences and education.

This also reaffirms my belief that things happen for a reason, and that how we respond to a challenge or barrier is more important than the disappointment of failing to win the job competition. 

I should also acknowledge that each time this has happened I had great leadership and support from those around me to provide perspective and candid feedback, and sometimes this has come from the same people that didn't select me for the role at the time. 

-Roly Webster, Director of Athletics & Recreation 


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