As an undergraduate student attending the University of Waterloo, I soon realized that I was facing a lot of problems with my self-confidence. I was going to a different school away from my closest friends and my confidence about who I was and how I looked had reached an all-time low.  

I felt badly about myself and there were times when I wouldn't even look into mirrors. I constantly pointed out flaws about myself.  

I realized that I needed to reach out to the closest people in my life when at a certain point I lost all motivation for school and just wanted to go home. I stopped liking myself and I hated the way I looked. To move forward, I started out slow with stepping out of my comfort zone in the ways I want to dress even though I was scared to, or pushing myself to join clubs I was interested in. Having people support me along the way has been a big factor in helping me improve. I learned that building your self-confidence takes time, positivity and knowing that it is not something that can be fixed right away, but it is important to take it step by step remembering the positives about yourself instead of always looking at the negatives. 

- Joey Sin

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