Indigenous Advisory Council

The Council's Mandate

The mandate of the Indigenous Advisory Council is to ensure that the project works towards empowering Indigenous data sovereignty through the creation of a peatland knowledge resource platform to support Canadian peatland management. This requires an iterative and interactive process of knowledge sharing between the Indigenous Advisory Council, members of the Science Advisory and Policy Board, and the Can-Peat team throughout the duration of the project.

Specifically, the Advisory Council will:

  • Work with the project team and collaborators to support the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge and science throughout the project;
  • Support open communication of progress with Indigenous participants in the project, the broader Can-Peat network, and beyond;
  • Ensure Indigenous governments and organizations are included in the co-development and co-design of ethical pathways for Indigenous engagement across the Can-Peat life cycle;
  • Engage in conversations about project gaps and missing perspectives;
  • Participate in the development of knowledge sharing workshops within participating communities;
  • Review and provide feedback on research activities, in particular the development of Indigenous Data Sovereignty best practices for regional model development and assessment and evaluation of Indigenous protection and management of peatland ecosystems for the protection of C stocks; and
  • Share job opportunities with their networks.


Ex-offico Members