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The Can-Peat Network brings together peatland experts who are interested in advancing our understanding of the potential of peatlands as nature-based solutions and support the goal of responsible use and restoration of peatlands. 

The network is open to researchers, students, land managers, industry, all levels of government, Indigenous governments and communities, and others who are interested in Canadian peatland management and research.

The network builds peer relationships that support information exchange and provides a platform for sharing research findings, management practices, events and experience, job opportunities, etc. to address key issues such as climate change and the need for responsible use and restoration of peatlands.

How to Join

To become a member, you need to be sponsored by a current member. Members will receive the Can-Peat newsletter, have access to the list serv to communicate with other members, and be able to join network meetings to receive updates and give input on the network. 

You do not need to be a member of the Can-Peat Network to subscribe to our newsletter.

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