Science and Policy Advisory Board

The mandate of the Science and Policy Advisory Board is to ensure that the knowledge produced by Can-Peat is transferred to those who can put it into practice. This requires an iterative and interactive process of sharing of knowledge between research producers and end users (including Indigenous communities, policy professionals, decision-makers, community groups, industry, etc.) through the duration of the project.

Specifically, the Advisory Board will:

  • Support knowledge mobilization to ensure that the Can-Peat project contributes to the management of peatland ecosystems in Canada as NbS to help achieve Canada’s goal of net-zero emissions;
  • Ensure policy relevance by sharing insights on the policy context (e.g., National Inventory Report, provincial wetland policies, and C offset protocols);
  • Review and provide feedback on research priorities, knowledge gaps, planned research approaches and the development of tools and products that would be helpful to end users;
  • Identify datasets and sources of information that may be helpful;
  • Inform model scenarios that will be used to determine the potential of peatland nature-based solutions at the regional and national scales:
  • Review and provide feedback on communication materials produced by the project to share findings;
  • Identify opportunities for connections between the Can-Peat team and ongoing peatland-relevant activities in Canada, international organizations, Indigenous communities and Guardians, other researchers, government, industry, civil society, etc.;
  • Identify opportunities for the participation of the Can-Peat team in public or private sector decision-making processes; and
  • Review and provide feedback on monitoring and evaluation strategies to ensure the effectiveness of Can-Peat in meeting end user needs.