Our Team

Meet our Team

Led by Dr. Maria Strack, Can-Peat has a team of 11 Canadian researchers that bring together multidisciplinary peatland expertise to assess peatlands as nature-based climate solutions. Each researcher is an expert in their own field as well as highly experienced in large, multi-partner, collaborative research programs. They will lead research activities along with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to work towards Can-Peat goals and advance peatland science.

In addition to our researchers, Can-Peat has 12 partners from industry, NGOs, government, and Indigenous communities to provide support and further expertise.

To ensure good science, ethical research, and inclusive outreach, the Indigenous Advisory Council and Science and Policy Advisory Board will work together with our team to guide the project.

Last but not least, our staff members work with everyone to keep the project on track.

The Can-Peat Team