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Wellbeing as the lens for decision-making in Canada

Read: The 2016 CIW National Index Report: How Are Canadians Really Doing?

Can we say that our lives have improved alongside economic growth?

Until now, Canada did not have an answer to this question. GDP is a number that tells us about one dimension of our wellbeing – our economy. The CIW as a partner to GDP provides Canadians with a fuller picture of wellbeing that measures real life, for real people. We start with eight domains that focus on key aspects of life and use them to measure what really matters to Canadians. 

Through several rounds of coast-to-coast-to-coast public consultations with everyday Canadians, they told us wellbeing frames their aspirations.

Understanding the interconnectedness of many aspects of wellbeing, and using it to fuel evidence-based and community-focused decision-making, is why the CIW exists.

The CIW regularly reports on the quality of life of Canadians – nationally, provincially, and locally – and advocates for social change that reflects our values and places wellbeing at the heart of policy.

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  1. Nov. 23, 2016Canadians' Quality Of Life Not Keeping Up With Economic Growth: Study

    By Daniel Tencer

    A growing economy is supposed to raise people’s standards of living, but a new study suggests this effect is breaking down in Canada.

    An index of wellbeing published by the University of Waterloo found that Canada’s economy grew by 38 per cent per person between 1994 and 2014, but wellbeing, as measured by the study, only grew by 9.9 per cent.

  2. Nov. 22, 2016Pursuit of economic growth leaving millions of Canadians behind (Toronto Star)Edvard Munch's

    The results of the latest Canadian Index of Wellbeing shows the 2008 recession stole our living standards, our leisure and volunteer time, even our sleep — and we never got them back.

  3. Nov. 22, 2016Opinion: Gap between GDP and wellbeing should threaten Canada’s complacency (Vancouver Sun)

    By Charles Ungerleider​

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