Our mission and vision


To enable all Canadians to share in the highest wellbeing status by identifying, developing and publicizing statistical measures that offer clear, valid and regular reporting on progress toward wellbeing goals and outcomes Canadians seek as a nation.


  • Conduct rigorous research related to, and regularly and publicly report on, the quality of life of Canadians;
  • Encourage policy makers and government leaders to make decisions based on solid evidence; and
  • Empower Canadians to advocate for change that responds to their needs and values.


  • Oversee the development and implementation of the CIW that is reflective of Canadian society and in which regional and cultural differences are reflected, nurtured and integrated into the fabric of the work;
  • Ensure leading-edge and ongoing research and development of the CIW including further refinement of common standards, pilot testing of sub-indices, collection and compilation of data for health, social, economic, and environmental variables and trends;
  • Promote better data collection by identifying gaps in knowledge relevant to measuring wellbeing;
  • Increase and expand the CIW network with influential leaders and policy makers so that the CIW has an ongoing impact on policy decisions;
  • Contribute to societal understanding (statistical literacy) and use of indicators (citizen literacy and engagement); and
  • Contribute to a measuring wellbeing movement that will be of benefit to international partners and initiatives.


  • Promote a shared vision of what really constitutes sustainable wellbeing and the elements that contribute to or detract from it;
  • Measure national progress toward, or movement away from, achieving that vision;
  • Understand and promote awareness of why society is moving in the direction it is moving;
  • Stimulate discussion about the types of policies, programs, and activities that would move us closer and faster toward achieving wellbeing;
  • Give Canadians tools to promote wellbeing with policy makers and decision makers;
  • Inform policy by helping policy makers and decision makers to understand the consequences of their actions for Canadian wellbeing; and
  • Empower Canadians to compare their wellbeing both with others within Canada and those around the world.

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