Our Wellbeing Survey

Looking for a way to engage your community?

Building on the success of our national and provincial indices, the CIW has developed a survey for measuring the subjective wellbeing of Canadians. The survey process uses the CIW framework – incorporating all eight domains – an approach unique to most other wellbeing surveys and research programs.

downtown Guelph Ontario

Guelph, Ontario. The location of our first survey (2012). Photo credit: Wei Wong

sample page from the CIW wellbeing survey

Adaptable to any population scale, the survey asks randomly selected members of a community, age 16 and older, a range of questions to indicate how they are really doing with respect to aspects of each domain and wellbeing overall. The survey allows for comparisons among domains, assesses the extent to which perceptions of wellbeing in one domain are linked to that of another, and clearly identifies areas where members feel wellbeing can be enhanced.

A wellbeing survey approach is useful in small locations where local indicator data are sparse and in communities that wish to use both the subset of CIW national indicators available at the community level, and citizen perceptions to more fully understand their community's wellbeing. There are also endless opportunities to customize for other applications such as corporate wellbeing surveys; intake questionnaires at health centres; post-secondary institution wellbeing surveys of students, staff, and faculty. 

For more information on community wellbeing surveys completed to date, refer to the City of Guelph, KingstonWaterloo RegionRegional Municipality of Wood BuffaloVictoria, and Oxford County

For more information on custom applications of our survey, refer to Alliance for Healthier Communities (formerly the Association of Community Health Centres or AOHC).

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