What we do

How do we know if we are making progress in achieving a high level of wellbeing for all Canadians?

The CIW has created a conceptual framework and metrics to effectively measure what changes have occurred to Canadians’ wellbeing so that we can understand what is happening and take informed action, as needed.

The CIW provides the following information based on rigorous research:

that policy shapers, government leaders, media, community organizations and every day Canadians can use to:

  • understand trends in Canadian wellbeing; 
  • advocate for change that responds to their needs and values; and
  • make decisions, based on solid evidence, that answer the question: Will it improve the wellbeing of Canadians?

The combination is powerful. It is more than just a number.
The CIW reflects real life.

Eight CIW domain icons

As a country, we spend considerable time and resources trying to provide a high quality of life for all. Despite the efforts of governments, NGOs, and the private sector, CIW metrics, reported on in recent national and Ontario reports, show that we are not achieving the desired wellbeing outcomes.

Even without the metrics, the CIW framework has proven to be an effective vehicle to educate the public and create a common language and space for an ongoing national dialogue that is starting to influence how Canadians think and act with regard to the wellbeing of their communities.