Community of users

This section contains information that will appeal to individuals, organizations, and communities looking for ideas on how to use the CIW framework and metrics. This is where we keep all of our project-based research grant reports. Some of our partners have asked for indicator research, some for wellbeing surveys, and some for custom applications. 

    How Communities have engaged with the CIW 

    First-time CIW Community Wellbeing Surveys

    Second-time CIW Community Wellbeing Surveys 

    CIW Indicator Reports

     Provincial Index Reports

     Regional Wellbeing Profile Reports

    Broader Initiatives and Wellbeing Projects

    Need CIW materials?

    All of the materials on our website are public domain. Please use them. In return, we ask that you cite our work properly and that you let us know how our work is being used.

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