Domains and indicators

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) tracks changes in eight quality of life categories or domains including: community vitality, democratic engagement, education, environment, healthy populations, leisure and culture, living standards, and time use.

Measuring what Canadians really care about

One of the things that sets the CIW apart is the process used to create the conceptual framework of eight domains. It started with listening to Canadians talk about what is important to the quality of their lives. Researchers then developed the eight domain framework and a set of criteria for indicator selection. Only then, did researchers go out and look for indicators. For three of the dimensions covering two domains (Leisure and Culture, Living Standards), no indicators met the criteria - creating data gaps. One of the CIW's goals is to promote data collection that better reflects the real lives of Canadians, and so, we have noted the gaps below.

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