The Atkinson Foundation (AF) recognized the need to create an independent and credible national voice to measure the economic, health, social and environmental wellbeing of Canadians. AF incubated the CIW as an in-house project until the end of 2010 when they found a permanent home for the CIW at the University of Waterloo.


  • AF convened Canadian index experts to look at how to create a tool to measure the wellbeing of Canadians.



  • CRAG begins work on the first five domains of the CIW framework. They include Living Standards, Community Vitality, Healthy Populations, Education, and Time Use.
  • Three sets of public consultations are held in communities across the country to engage hundreds of everyday Canadians. Feedback is received and a network of local champions is seeded.

  • From 2009 to 2010, special reports and the eight domains were released.


  • CIW Network moved to permanent home within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo and releases the first complete version of the CIW's signature product, the CIW national composite index. The resulting 368 media stories reach 34 million people worldwide.


  • The CIW released the second and third national index reports (2012 and 2016). 
  • Three provincial index reports have now been released: Ontario (2014), Nova Scotia (2018), Saskatchewan (2019)
  • A series of regional wellbeing portrait reports now exist: five for Ontario (2016); Oxford County (2017); Waterloo Region (2018).
  • The CIW developed a Community Wellbeing Survey in 2012, and has now completed them in seven communities for the first time: Guelph (2012), Victoria (2013), Kingston (2013), Oxford County (2016), Bruce and Grey Counties (2018), Orillia and Area (2018), throughout Nova Scotia (2019) and two communities for the second time (Wood Buffalo-Alberta (2014 and 2019); Waterloo Region (2013 and 2018). 
  • In 2019, our Community Wellbeing Survey was first used to track post-secondary student wellbeing at Georgian College, Ontario. In addition, with Unicef, we helped develop a Canadian child & youth wellbeing index that will track child and youth wellbeing across Canada.

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