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All work and no play

If you are not taking any vacation this summer it turns out you are not alone. New CIW research found that more than one-third of Canadians are not taking their vacation time.

Thoughts about time as a social determinant of health…

Based on CIW Café Scientifique panelist presentation.

How are Ontarians Really Doing?

This week marks the release of the CIW’s first provincial index report, How are Ontarians Really Doing? For both Ontario and Canada between 1994 and 2010 growth in GDP far outpaced growth in our wellbeing. In other words, improvements in our quality of life have been sluggish compared to growth in our economy.

What is Wellbeing? Post-release day for the CIW 2012 report

Earlier this week, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing released its second national report on wellbeing in Canada. 

Data Management Day at the University of Waterloo

Today is Data Management Day at the University of Waterloo. We've prepared a poster presentation to answer a number of questions about the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and our data collection, analysis, and publication process. For example:

Measuring national wellbeing, not just GDP

“Shared destiny” is the belief that our society is often best shaped through collective action and that the sum of a good society and what it can achieve is greater than the diverse parts which constitute it.

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