Foundational Leader, Canadian Advisor

Ph.D., Executive Director, GPI Atlantic; former professor international politics, political theory and philosophy at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax; CIW Canadian Advisor - Education Domain 

Profile picture for Ron ColmanAs the CIW's first Senior Research Advisor, Ron took on the early advancement of the CIW in Canada and connected us internationally to his work with Bhutan, a country that adopted Gross National Happiness as its central policy goal. He was an active member of the CIW National Steering Committee that existed from 2004 to 2007 and has remained involved as a member of the CIW Canadian Research Advisory Group.

What we count reflects our values as society, and determines what makes it onto government policy agendas. Governments cannot lead responsibly, with vision, or in an informed way, without a full range of social, economic, and environmental measures of progress and value at hand.

University of Waterloo