Mean workday commute time for individuals working for pay

What it measures

Dimension: Time

Commute time is the total amount of time needed to travel back and forth to work each day.  How that time affects workers’ wellbeing depends not only on the amount of time spent commuting, but also on the quality of the commute time. Commute quality factors include things like traffic congestion and other things beyond the driver’s control (e.g., accidents, and unsafe or inconsiderate drivers).

Why this matters

Long commute times can negatively influence many aspects of wellbeing. Increased time spent commuting can lead to a decreased sense of work-life balance, more time pressure, and lower overall life satisfaction.  Further, longer car commutes – especially in congested traffic – are linked to increased stress, poorer mood, less physical activity, and an increase in environmentally damaging outcomes like greenhouse gases and pollution.

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