Percentage of population aged 25 and older participating in education-related activities

What it measures

Dimension: Overall academic achievement, attainment, and participation

This indicator reports the proportion of adult Canadians (age 25 years and older) who are engaged in educational activities of some kind. For this indicator, education-related activities refer to activities such as full or part-time enrolment in a post-secondary school, attending lectures in the community, professional development work, special interest courses, and using the internet for research or homework. Participation in education-related activities has increased steadily since 1998.

Why this matters

This indicator represents Canadians’ commitment to lifelong learning, an important component of educational wellbeing. As well, the personal development achieved through participation in education-related activities can have positive influence not only on one’s health, but also on living standards, social networks, and engagement in community activities. 

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