Percentage of population with self-reported diabetes

What it measures

Dimension: Physical Health Conditions

Self-reported diabetes represents the population aged 12 years and older who report that they have been diagnosed by a health professional as diabetic. Diabetes is a growing public health concern, and is an important indicator of physical health because it is strongly connected to diet and lifestyle factors. Data from the Nurses Health Study suggests that 90% of diabetes cases could be prevented by improved nutrition, exercise and a healthy weight.

Why this matters

Diabetes is a serious health condition that increases the risk of acquiring other health problems such as heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. As such, low diabetes prevelance is an indicator of a healthy population.

Data sources 

Statistics Canada CANSIM Tables 104-0011, 105-0011 and 105-0501.
Further information:
Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey
Statistics Canada: Diabetes, 2013

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