Name Role Department
Britt Anderson Core - Director Psychology
Sue Ann Campbell Core Applied Math
Chris Eliasmith Core (Founding Director)

Philosophy and Systems Design
Engineering (joint appointed),
Computer Science (cross appointed)

Paul Marriott Core Statistics
Jeff Orchard Affiliate Computer Science
Bryan Tripp Core

Systems Design Engineering

James Danckert Affiliate Psychology
Kaylena Ehgoetz Martens Affiliate Kinesiology
Affiliate Psychology
Jesse Hoey Affiliate Computer Science
Brian Ingalls Affiliate

Applied Math

Chrystopher Nehaniv Affiliate Systems Design Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering (joint appointed),
Applied Mathematics (cross appointed)
Reza Ramezan Affiliate Statistics
David Spafford Affiliate Biology
Terry Stewart Affiliate NRC Canada and Psychology
Paul Thagard (emeritus) Core (emeritus)


Bots and Beasts. New book by CTN Founding Member Paul Thagard

Paul Thagard, philosopher, cognitive scientist, Killam prize winner, and founding CTN member has a new book out: Bots and Beasts. bots and beasts book cover