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The University of Waterloo and Conrad Grebel University College are suspending all activity for conferences and events until further notice.

Centre for Peace Advancement room rental rates

Room rentals

3 hours


Ernie and Nancy Regehr Meeting Room 4216 (seats 8) $25.00 $60.00
Winfield Fretz Seminar Room 4224 (seats 20) $58.50 $137.00
Grebel Gallery  (seats 50) $117.00 $254.00

Prices shown do not include HST. Each user group is required to have custodial supervision. College staff time will be charged at the current rate.

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Visit the contact us page for information on parking and building and reception hours.

Food and beverages

Refreshment services are available at additional cost. Meal and banquet services are available in our air-conditioned dining room for groups of up to 170 people. Rental of the dining room includes use of the terrace, weather permitting.

The college is not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. Parties wishing to serve alcoholic beverages must hire University of Waterloo bar services to provide and serve alcohol.

Facility guidelines

Conrad Grebel University College has a variety of food services available at reasonable rates to accommodate rental groups. Due to health and safety concerns, food from outside suppliers will not be permitted at the College.

If the college is unable to accommodate food requirements due to extenuating circumstances, permission to bring in food from external suppliers must be obtained from the Summer Conference Coordinator, the Food Services Manager or the Director of Operations.

Conrad Grebel University College cannot be held liable for illness or injury resulting from the consumption of food from outside the facility.

Conditions of use

Groups or individuals renting the college facilities may use the college name in their advertising only to indicate the location of meetings or events. In no manner may it be implied in user groups’ advertising or promotion that Conrad Grebel University College is sponsoring or in any way taking responsibility for their meetings or events. The college and its employees shall be held harmless from all claims or liabilities from all parties for damage or loss to any person or property arising out of or during use of college facilities. Conrad Grebel University College recommends that persons or groups renting the facilities arrange for their own insurance coverage. The college will hold rental groups responsible for all damage or loss to any person or property arising out of or during use of college facilities. The “Policy on Use of College Facilities by External Groups” is available upon request.

Conrad Grebel University College requests that all people using college facilities respect the larger college programming that continues throughout the year. Visitors to the college should, in particular, be considerate of the rights of resident students.

Room rental policies and rates are based on the assumption that all groups using the facilities ensure that areas used are left reasonably clean and neat. Groups or individuals who are abusive of college facilities or who are disrespectful of the rights of others will not be permitted to return.

For inquiries related to the availability of offices, dedicated desks, or hot desks, as well as room bookings for community events, please contact Centre for Peace Advancement Coordinator, Victoria Lumax.

.Rental rates | Food and beverages | Guidelines | Conditions