Human-Centred Robotics Lab

The Human-Centred Robotics Lab is a testing centre designed to facilitate robotics testing, as well as human-robot interactions.

Our equipment

Close up of REEM-C robot with electromyography markers for research study purposes

The REEM-C is a humanoid robot by PAL Robotics. At 165 cm and 80 kg, the REEM-C is equipped with optical and depth cameras, speech synthesizers, and 30 degrees of freedom, the REEM-C is designed for human-robot interactions, object perception and manipulation, and dynamic locomotion experiments.

More information can be found from PAL Robotics.

Passive spinal exoskeleton system on mannequin

This passive spinal exoskeleton system has been developed at Heidelberg University within the European project SPEXOR. The SPEXOR is designed to provide support to prevent or aid in the recovery of lower back injuries.

More information can be found from the SPEXOR Project.

Lower body exoskeleton system named TWIN

The TWIN is a lower body exoskeleton system from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). The TWIN is designed to assist paraplegic and neurological patients to walk independently and to facilutate rehabilitation.

More information can be found from the IIT Rehab Technologies Lab (in Italian).

Segway used for research purposes with the REEM-C robot

The X2 is a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter from Segway Inc.

The X2 is a discontinued product, but historical information on the Segway X2 can be found on Wikipedia.