Motion Capture Lab

The Motion Capture Lab is a space dedicated to collecting and studying human movements and robot-human interactions.

Our equipment

Close up of VICON motion capture camera used in the lab

The Vantage camera system are infrared motion capture systems from Vicon Motion Systems Ltd. It uses infrared LEDs to project light into a space and captures the reflection to locate reflective markers.

More information can be found from Vicon.

Force plates made by Bertec Corporation for use in motion capture lab research

The FP4060s are force plates from Bertec Corporation. It utilizes strain gauges to estimate surface force and moment, which is used to calculate ground reaction force and centre of pressure, two important metrics in robotics and human movements.

More information can be found from Bertec.

Close up of Awinda inertial measurement unit used for research purposes

The Awinda is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) motion capture system from Xsens Technologies BV. It uses IMU sensors placed on key parts of the body to estimate full body pose.

More information can be found from Xsens.

Trigno wireless electromyogram system that measures muscle electrical activity

The Trigno is a wireless electromyogram (EMG) system from Delsys Inc. The Trigno measures muscle electrical activity during human movement studies.

More information can be found from Delsys.