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Location: REN 1422


PhD - Queen's University 

Dr. Cai’s research interests include regional integration and institution-building in East Asia, China’s foreign relations and foreign policy, cross-Taiwan Straits relations, and various political, security and economic issues in the East Asian region. Dr. Cai is the author of three books and the editor of one volume. Besides, Dr. Cai has also published a number of refereed journal articles, book chapters and other pieces.


Professor Cai has taught a wide range of courses, including Introduction to International Relations, Issues and Trends in World Politics, Politics of International Economic Order, Comparative Politics and Government, International Relations of the Asia Pacific, The Asian Financial Crisis, Economic Relations in the Asia Pacific, The Asia Pacific and Global Economies, The Economic Dynamics of the Asia Pacific, Economic Development and Social Change in the Asia Pacific, The Political Economy of East Asia, Imperialism and Nationalism in the Asia Pacific, Understanding East Asia, State and Society in the Asia Pacific, Modern Asian Cultures, East Asian Culture, Modern Chinese History since 1911, Business Environment in the Asia Pacific, Government and Politics of China, Economic Reform in China, Contemporary Issues in East Asia, Seminar in Asian Studies, and Seminar in Interdisciplinary Methods.


Palgrave Macmillan book series Politics and Development in Contemporary China, edited by Kevin G. Cai, et. al

University of Waterloo

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