Welcome to the Data Systems Group

The Data Systems Group at the University of Waterloo's Cheriton School of Computer Science builds innovative, high-impact platforms, systems, and applications for processing, managing, analyzing, and searching the vast collections of data that are integral to modern information societies — colloquially known as “big data” technologies.

Our capabilities span the full spectrum from unstructured text collections to relational data, and everything in between including semi-structured sources such as time series, log data, graphs, and other data types. We work at multiple layers in the software stack, ranging from storage management and execution platforms to user-facing applications and studies of user behaviour.

Our research tackles all phases of the information lifecycle, from ingest and cleaning to inference and decision support.

  1. Nov. 28, 2022Sujaya Maiyya builds secure, high-performance data systems
    photo of Professor Sujaya Maiyya

    Sujaya Maiyya joined the Cheriton School of Computer Science as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in fall 2022. She is also a member of the Data Systems Group.

  2. Oct. 27, 2022Xi He and Wenhu Chen among eight Canada CIFAR AI Chairs
    photo of Professors Xi He and Wenhu Chen in the Davis Centre

    Cheriton School of Computer Science Professors Xi He and Wenhu Chen andhave been named Canada CIFAR AI Chairs.

  3. June 20, 2022Anil Pacaci, M. Tamer Özsu, colleague Angela Bonifati receive best paper award at ICDE 2022
    photo of University Professor M. Tamer Özsu and Anil Pacaci

    PhD student Anil Pacaci, University Professor M. Tamer Özsu, and their colleague Professor Angela Bonifati from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University in France have received a best paper award at ICDE 2022, the 38th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

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