Work-study students

The individuals who have worked with the Earth Sciences Museum through the OSAP Work-Study program.

Luca Galler

Work-Study Student (Spring 2023-Winter 2024)

I’m super excited to be doing my third term as the ESM Communications Assistant! I’m now in my fourth year of Biological and Medical Physics with a double minor in Biology and Astrophysics. Growing up in Alberta, my favourite summer activity was visiting the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller which has a world class collection of fossils and other cool specimens!

Melissa Gibbon

Work-Study Student (Winter 2023)

I’m a fourth-year science and business student and I will be optimizing volunteer onboarding processes for the ESM. Museums have always been my happy place and we are very lucky to have a gneiss one right here on campus, don’t take it for granite!

Alivia Madden

Work-Study Student (Winter 2023)

I am a first year student studying Environmental Science. I love learning about ecology and geology and hope to study volcanology one day. I’m excited to share my passion with you by building the Earth Sciences Museum’s social media this term!

Kristof Nagy

Work-Study Student (Fall 2022)

I am a second-year Science and Aviation student and this term’s social media communications assistant for the Earth Science Museum. I’ve more recently discovered my interest in geology, rocks, minerals, and GIS thanks to the diverse range of Earth Science courses offered at the University of Waterloo.

Luca Galler

Work-Study Student (Spring 2022)

2B, Physics and Astronomy with Biology Minor.

Why wouldn’t I want to work at the coolest place on campus? As an avid rock collector with a peculiar interest in fossils I wanted to be a part of the ESM team. During the semester I had a chance to assist with social media outreach!

Jenny Huynh

Work-Study Student (Winter 2020)

4B, Biomedical Sciences.

I wanted to work with the ESM because I have volunteered with the museum in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also love working with children! Children benefit from the programs we offer, so I want to contribute to the museum and improve it so that we can provide the best experience for all visitors. 

Dylan Simmonds

Work-Study Student (Spring 2019)

Do you like rocks? I like rocks, that’s why I work here. Geology is a discipline which allows me to best understand the Earth and its resources. Whether teaching kids about geology or working with the museum’s collection, my affinity for this field is always growing. Currently a second-year geology student, I hope to one day enter the mineral exploration industry.

Sarah Turner

Work-Study Student (Spring 2018)

Hello Everyone! I am a fourth-year student studying both Earth Science and Anthropology at the University of Waterloo. I am very interested in both the sedimentology aspect of Earth Science and the Archaeological aspect of Anthropology, and I am happiest when these two studies overlap as geoarchaeology. I am spending my summer at the Earth Sciences Museum helping with tours and displays.

JC Robertson

Work-Study Student (Fall 2017)

Hi everyone! I am a recent alumni from the Physics department. I joined the Earth Sciences Museum team by helping create the new interactive game "Planning Paradise". On my spare time I learned how to code, which came in handy when the museum needed help creating this game! Stop by sometime and check out the addition to the museum.

Jack Li

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2015)

I am a second year Knowledge Integration student and working at the Earth Sciences Museum was my first ever Work-Study experience. I had the opportunity to tackle the challenge of re-designing the Chinese Jade Exhibit, and with the help of fellow assistants and the curator, we have completed the brand new exhibit on June 11th 2015.

Alicia Monteith

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2014)

I am a third year Planning undergraduate student. This is my second term as the work-study student here at the Earth Science Museum and I am thrilled to be back! I am very interested in earth science, natural hazards and urban adaptation. I have learned a lot working here at the museum and enjoy assisting with museum tours and activities.