Fundamentals of community ​economic development (for information)

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Year 1 is a survey course that introduces economic developers (of all experience levels) to the basics of economic development. The course opens with a history of the profession and a basic overview of the Canadian economy, then moves through the core activities of economic developers: community marketing, economic base analysis, economic planning, investment readiness, and labour development, among other topics. One day is dedicated to group field work projects based around a business development challenge.

For those considering a profession in economic development, I highly recommend participating in the EDAC Year 1 program. It is a great way to expand your professional toolkit, build community and establish a network of colleagues that you can turn to for experiences and knowledge.

-Jason Dias, senior development analyst, Millier Dickinson Blais. Further reading: Reflections on EDAC Year 1

Usual topics

  • The Canadian economy: The context for economic development
  • Models for community economic development: Canadian and international
  • Regional economic development: Politics of inclusion
  • Marketing your community: An integrated approach
  • Business development issues: Small group field project
  • Strategic economic planning tools and techniques
  • First Nations context and engagement
  • Analytic techniques for local economic development: Economic base analysis
  • Getting your message out: Issue communication, media relations and politics
  • Topics of regional significance (courses outside of Waterloo)


Held annually at the University of Waterloo, online, and in other cities across Canada to meet local demand.

Previously held in:

  • Whitehorse
  • Edmonton
  • Saskatoon
  • Winnipeg
  • Thunder Bay
  • Sudbury
  • Halifax

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