English, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (eSTEM)

Renison University College is pleased to offer the eSTEM program (English with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Environment, and Mathematics), for a unique opportunity for students to improve your overall English language skills while experiencing one of Canada’s most innovative universities, the University of Waterloo. 

Our ten-day immersion online program is designed specifically for high school students (13 - 19 years old) to immerse themselves in the University of Waterloo’s renowned STEM ecosystem and simultaneously improve their ability and confidence to communicate in English. The STEM component focuses on highlighting key areas of interest in the Math, Engineering, Arts, Environment, and Science Faculties and the English language component of the program focuses on preparing students to fully participate in the STEM components.  

Program Information

We are pleased to offer our eSTEM program in a 2.5-week format with classes and events on weekday evenings (in Canadian Eastern Time).

Our program features:

  • 10 hours of English language programming (aimed at high beginner to low intermediate students) designed to prepare students to fully participate in the experiential learning opportunities, with classes on Monday to Thursday nights (Tuesday to Friday mornings in East Asian time zones)
  • 10 hours of experiential learning opportunities, including science demonstrations, engineering demonstrations, math challenges and English conversational skill building
  • Exploration of Canadian culture through virtual social activities
  • Participation in virtual interactive activities with University of Waterloo students
  • End of program certificate

2024 Program Dates

In 2024, we are pleased to offer each session of our 10-day eSTEM program over a 2.5-week period.

All dates listed below are in Canadian Eastern Time (ET). Classes are held in the evenings in Canadian Eastern Time (ET). Please check back for additional program dates.

Term Program Dates Registration deadline Program Fees

August 2024

Registration open

Aug 6 - 8, Aug 12 - 15, Aug 19 - 21 (10 sessions total)

July 29, 2024

$999.00 + $30.00 administrative fee

NOTE: fees are in CAD and are subject to change. 

Sample Schedule

The following is a sample e-STEM program schedule. The specific dates and activities on offer are subject to change based on availability. Students will receive a final schedule on the first day of the program.


If you are interested in seeing additional event calendars from past sessions of our eSTEM program, please visit our Event Calendars page.

Student testimonials

We welcome you to read our article, Propelling Student Engagement in STEM, to hear from our Student Engagement award winners from past sessions of our eSTEM program!

Remote video URL

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My biggest gain is in the class of entrepreneur. I will also consider starting a business after graduation. Alex’s entrepreneurial experience has given me a preliminary understanding of entrepreneurship; I also have some understanding of artificial intelligence. This kind of project feels the atmosphere of the whole school.


I adored the estem program. The estem program was more than just a regular course or a class; it was more like a family of mine. The staff made me feel like I am home with people who would always be there when I needed them, and I felt like I had someone to talk to and motivate me through the two and half weeks. However, I felt like two and a half week is a bit too short for me. If I had another chance, I would definitely attend the estem program again.


Great! I want to thank the opportunity to chat with Waterloo STEM students, they really helped me better understand the campus life of the University of Waterloo, cooperative projects, various seminars, etc.! Sandy's Computer Science and Mike The EUCLID CONTEST is the course I am most impressed with. I really like the process of problem solving with classmates and professors.


My daughter participated in the math competition in Waterloo today, and said that the big problem must be done right, because I have seen these types of problems in eSTEM. Hahaha, it really works!

MingXin's mother

Register online

To inquire about registration, please contact eli@uwaterloo.ca.