COVID-19 Updates

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The Renison English Language Institute Office (REN 1930) is CLOSED and not available for visitors, in accordance with COVID-19 measures. Moving forward, we will be providing support in a virtual format. Read more about how to connect with ELI online.

For the Spring 2021 term, English For Academic Success will be offered in a virtual format.

Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE)

Due to COVID-19, the University of Waterloo is offering very limited courses in person for the Winter 2021 term. Winter courses, including Winter BASE, will take place online.

Information about the Coronavirus can be accessed on the University of Waterloo's Coronavirus website.


Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) is a university foundation program for undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo. Students who complete EFAS level 200 or 300 may qualify for conditional admission to BASE.