How can I get into a co-op program?

If you are an Engineering student

You will move automatically into co-op once you start your degree studies, since Engineering programs are offered only through the co-op system of study.

If you applied to a co-op program

You will be automatically enrolled in co-op after you successfully complete BASE, except if you applied to Arts and Business or Honours Arts, or a program in the Faculty of HealthMathematics, or Science.

  • If you were admitted to one-term Arts/BASE, you must complete one full degree term in the regular version of the Arts and Business or Honours Arts program before you can apply to transfer to co-op.  If you've been admitted to iBASE or two term Arts/BASE, you will move automatically into the co-op program when you begin degree studies.
  • If you are in the Faculty of Health, Mathematics, or Science, you will be admitted full-time to the regular system of study for your degree program. After you have completed one or two full degree terms in the regular program, you can apply as an internal transfer to the co-op program. 

To apply for co-op

  • Follow the steps provided by your faculty's Undergraduate Office.
  • Your marks must be higher than those of other students applying for co-op.
  • You may need to wait for a co-op student to drop out of the program to make room for you.