Costs for 1 term (4 months) of BASE

and incidental costs
(study permit)
Permanent resident
BASE program fee $8,048.00 $8,048.00
University course (0.5 units)* $3,865.60 $683.00
Incidental fees $884.95 $660.72
Total $12,781.32 $9,391.72

These are estimated costs and are in Canadian dollars (CAD). Exact costs will be available 5 weeks prior to starting classes and can be found on our fee schedules page.

NOTE: The BASE program is not eligible for OSAP.

*This cost is per course. Some programs require you to complete more than one course.

See costs for iBASE.

Other expenses (per term):

  • Books and supplies for BASE program: approximately $250.
  • Residence living: $5,800-7,000¬†depending on your residence and meal plan.
  • Personal expenses (e.g. phone, entertainment, recreation, laundry, clothing): $1,500.

Amounts vary depending on your needs.

Faculties that offer BASE

Applied Health Sciences/BASEArts/BASEEngineering/BASEEnvironment/BASEScience/BASE