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We are here to help you be successful in your studies at Waterloo!

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Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders

Your Peer Leaders are senior Waterloo students who are trained to support your personal and academic success. They organize social activities, trips, and more.

You are able to meet regularly with any Peer Leaders for support in adjusting to life in a Canadian university. We call these meetings "one-on-one meet-ups"! 

During a one-on-one meet-up, we can chat about anything related to your personal and academic success. Some of the most common subjects that students talk about during a meet-up include:

  • Study strategies, including textbook skim/scanning, notes reviews, test taking tips and dealing with test anxiety
  • Time management help and helping you organize all of your assignments, tests, study time—and find time to attend events also!
  • Questions about life at Waterloo and being a successful student
  • Support with adjusting to life in Canada and the city of Waterloo
  • Conversations about mental health wellness and how to build healthy strategies into your day-to-day schedule.
  • English practice! Just meet with us and practice your conversational English. We can talk about anything you like!

You can register for a virtual or in-person meet-up on the One-on-one Meet-ups webpage.

Student Experience Team

Your Student Experience team are available to help with any questions or concerns you have during your time in the BASE or iBASE program.

Ryan Connell
Student Experience Manager

Ryan is a proud graduate from the Social Development Studies program at the University of Waterloo. As your Student Experience Manager, Ryan is very knowledgeable about all of the campus services and resources available to University of Waterloo students. Some of Ryans most popular things to talk about include:

  • All of the campus services available to you as a Waterloo student and what you are able to access to support your academic and personal success
  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your well-being as a university student
  • Advice for studying in an online environment. Fun fact: Ryan completed his UWaterloo degree, two college certificates, and a Masters degree completely online
  • Tips for adjusting to Canadian culture and building your language skills outside of the classroom

A.J. Dixon
Student Advisor

A.J. completed his undergraduate education at the University of Victoria with bachelors degrees in Education and Arts. As a Student Advisor, A.J. is able to support you in your academic journey. Some of the common subjects that A.J. helps students with includes:

  • Effective learning strategies to help you adapt your study style when learning at a leading Canadian university
  • Time management strategies and how to create a schedule to keep track of all of your quizzes, tests, projects, and assignments
  • Effective note-taking skills and how to ensure you dont miss anything in your lectures
  • How to prepare effectively for tests and quizzes, and how to reduce test anxiety when you are writing
  • Conversation practice and sharing what he knows about life in the city of Waterloo
Ryan and AJ can help in similar ways as your Peer Leaders, in addition to any other challenges you have during your time at Waterloo.

Your instructors

Your instructors are knowledgeable and experienced language professionals dedicated to providing the best in Canadian academic preparation. 

Your BASE 032 – Introduction to Skills & Strategies for University and BASE 042 – Enhanced Skills & Strategies for University instructors accompany you to your university credit course and help you understand the material. You will use this coursework in your BASE 032 or BASE 042 class.

Every week you will be able to meet individually with your instructors during office hours to discuss your courses and ask questions. 

International student resources

Waterloo's Student Success Office offers many services to help you before (and after) you arrive in Canada.

If you have questions about Study Permits; Canadian immigration status; medical, financial, and cultural concerns; and taxes; our immigration consultants can assist you.

Other Waterloo services

There are many additional services to help you at Waterloo. Warrior RecreationHealth Services, and Counselling Services can help you stay physically and mentally healthy.