Celebrating Renison through Origami

Friday, March 17, 2023
takumi holding his origmai moose outside of moose tracks
close up shot of origami moose

Takumi from Chiba University in Japan came to Renison to study in the English Language Institute’s General English at Renison (GEAR) program. However, he didn't come alone - he brought with him an origami Moose, an original creation, that he expertly folded as a gift for the college!

Takumi has been folding origami for 6 years since his time in high school where he led his school origami club and even had his pieces featured on Japanese TV. He was originally inspired to start folding origami when he read a book by famous origami artist Jun Maekawa. Takumi has always appreciated the simplicity of the art, which he sees expressed like mathematical or physics equations. For Takumi, origami is a process

like a wing to give possibilities…very beautiful and graceful

But, why an origami Moose? Well, Takumi wanted to bring a symbol of Canada to Renison for the college to display – and it just so happens to be our mascot. The piece is comprised of 8 corners including the head, 2 antlers, 4 legs, and the tail. The process of making the moose involved 8 prototypes and took 24 hours over 2-weeks to construct! Takumi has donated his art piece to Renison where it will be displayed in the Lusi Wong Library.

Takumi, thank you for your hard work and gracious gift!