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Our ELI community brings you Some Good News

Friday, July 10, 2020

Some Good NewsDespite a global pandemic, our student leaders have continued to find ways to stay active and build their English language skills through a dynamic new weekly video blog (vlog) show. 

Inspired by the online vlog show Some Good News hosted by The Office alum John Krasinski, our English Language Learner community introduces ELI Some Good News, hosted by Student Experience Coordinator Alex D'Alton. 

Each week, the vlog features current and past students of the Renison English Language Institute, as well as special guests, including program managers, instructors, peer leaders, and Renison staff. Members of the ELI Vlog Volunteer team meet weekly to brainstorm video ideas, discuss concepts, and practice their language skills. This past week, the ELI Vlog Volunteer team introduced their fifth episode on YouTube. 

We welcome all members to tune into our Vlog channel by checking out our ELI Some Good News YouTube Playlist. Can't view YouTube from your country? We also publish the videos on Renison University College's Weibo channel

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ELI Some Good News - Volume 1, Episode 1

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ELI Some Good News - Volume 1, Episode 3

ELI Some Good News - Volume 1, Episode 4

ELI Some Good News - Volume 1, Episode 5

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