Gamification 2013 post-conference articles and video interviews

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
by June Macdonald

During the conference we took advantage of having access to so many brilliant minds and asked them to summarize the research they were presenting and their thoughts on gamification. The following articles, many with video accompaniment, have been published on the site, an initiative to bring together researchers and business to further opportunities and innovation in Canada in the areas of Gamification, UX and Interactive Display (read about CommerceLab). Plus we did a fun highlight reel. 

Amy Jo Kim

Amy Jo Kim makes the case for co-op game design at Gamification 2013
It's the question Amy Jo Kim keeps asking herself, the one she knows will guide her to creating a game that's fun, that has meaning, that will keep people coming back. It's not how to create a better leaderboard, or how to use audio and visual effects to create a compelling user interface... read on>

Game design experts explain the essential skills to keep players engaged
As organizations of every kind learn more about the concept of gamification, what do the game designers of the future need to learn to succeed? Input from Stephen Anderson, Amy Jo Kim and Neil Randall. read on>

From pay to play? What gaming elements could bring to market research studies
If you're participating in a market research study, would you rather: A. Get paid hard cash immediately following completion? B. Contribute to the research purely to help the public at large? C. Have a little fun either way? According to Jared Cechanowiz, a researcher from the University of Saskatchewan, there are indications the answer for many people could very well be “C.” 

Those who forget their history may be doomed to repeat it, but Sebastian Deterding suggests that in the case of gamification, they may also fail to recognize the subtle ways in which games have an impact on society. read more>

A commercialization expert’s playbook for success in gamification
David Callele doesn’t want to rain on anybody’s parade. He just wants to stop budding entrepreneurs in gamification from making mistakes they could otherwise avoid. read more>

A video game veteran offers advice on gamification and commercialization
Some might think of David Elton as a guy who helped create video games, but he sees himself as someone who develops lasers. Elton, who spent much of his early career so far working on the Need for Speed franchise at Electronic Arts (EA), has been focusing more recently on mentoring Canadian entrepreneurs... read on>

Playing for the public good: Gamification meets citizen science
We all know what the stereotype of a “citizen scientist” looks like. It’s an old guy. Probably retired. Somewhat overly-enthusiastic about nature. In fact, Anne Bowser has a classic picture of three of them joyfully scavenging in the midst of a marsh somewhere. read on>

Robots and Pencils: An education in gamification
Walk into the average classroom and look at the students’ faces. Then walk into the average living room, where some of the same kids might be playing a video game. 

The quest to gamify recruiting, punctuality and task management
There are things every company has to do — attract new employees, encourage them to be on time, and ensure they get things done — but which few find very fun to do. That’s why the prospect of gamifying traditional business activities holds so much promise, and is attracting so much interest from the academic... read on>

More articles to come! Follow #gameit13 and @thecommercelab for updates. 

Highlights of Gamification 2013

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