Last Call for Presentations for Gamification 2013

Speaker proposals, research papers and student competition entries are still being sought for the upcoming Gamification 2013 conference being presented by the University of Waterloo – but the deadline for submissions is coming up fast -- midnight tomorrow, August 8th.

“We are looking for groundbreaking work in gamification that we can showcase; work where game design is used primarily to support non-game tasks to make them more fun, engaging and motivating,” says Neil Randall, University of Waterloo, and conference co-chair. “All of it will be featured at a research focused conference this fall where both academics and industry members will provide feedback and suggestions, share ideas, collaborate and explore the future of gamification.”

Here are links for specific types of submissions:

Hosted by the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, Gamification 2013 will take place from October 2-4, 2013 in Stratford. The conference will feature a blend of academic research and experimental applications with industry and non-profit examples, procedures and best practices. There will be discussions on commercialization as well as presentations of successful gamification initiatives.

“We will be demonstrating current high quality research in gamification and encouraging discussion of this research as a foundation of the future of gamification,” states Lennart Nacke, UoIT and conference co-chair.

If you want to be part of the conference and the future of gamification, register early as there are limited seats available!