Top 11! Reasons to Speak at Gamification 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013
by June Macdonald
  1. You’ll earn points, badges and top the leaderboard by speaking at Gamification 2013… Or at least a T-shirt.
  2. You want to share how gamification is helping students learn, patients get healthy, training be fun, products develop in new directions, employees be more productive...
  3. You can tell your mother that all those years playing xBox paid off….
  4. No one else wants to hear you talk about gamification for more than 10 minutes.
  5. You’ll get feedback and make connections that will advance your research (and grant opportunities).
  6. You’ll be seen as a leading contributor in this growing industry.
  7. You’ve figured out a new method of commercializing gamification.
  8. You’ll attract new opportunities.
  9. You’ll rub elbows with Industry Leaders & partners, including keynote speakers Amy Jo Kim and Stephen Anderson.
  10. It’s an opportunity to say it before someone else does
  11. You’ve got some compelling insights to share!

Submit your speaking proposal before August 8th as a:

  • Academic
  • Industry professional
  • Student