Top 12 Reasons to Attend Gamification 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013
by June Macdonald
  1. You are an active player in the field and want to meet like-minded peers, academics and industry professionals to discuss the future of gamification research.     
  2. You want to learn the truth about what works and what doesn’t in motivational design from international  and inter-disciplinary gamification experts, like renowned social game designer Amy Jo Kim and Seductive Interaction Design author Stephen Anderson.
  3. You appreciate hanging out with cool people who know UX isn’t a typo.
  4. You want to know the future of business. Gartner projects 50% of corporate innovation will be gamified by 2015.
  5. You want to hear from behavioural scientists about how design decisions influence behaviour.
  6. You want to be part of the wave that is reshaping industries from marketing to human resources,  education to health care and entertainment.
  7. There is nowhere else you can attend two hands-on workshops that will give you advanced gamification knowledge and skills.
  8. You know the value of expanding your network personally, professionally, and virtually.
  9. You want to meet in Stratford because where else can you conflate gamification theory with Shakespeare while being chased by swans?
  10. You have some ideas on what to call this other than “Gamification” – like play+labor = playbor, or work+leisure= weisure.
  11. You want to be inspired by how the thoughtful application of game design is improving lives and generating new solutions to old problems.
  12. You know games are serious business!

Join us this October 2-4, 2013