The summary report on youthification now available:

Youthification: The New Kid on the Block (PDF)

Back in May 2015, Waterloo hosted the spring session of the semi-annual Pragma Council, a business and planning conference discussing issues that affect the quality of life in Canada from economic growth to the environment to development and land-use change.

The approach this spring was to focus on a developing issue in the academic world of geography and planning to address the real-world challenges presented. Youthification, a process studied by Professor Markus Moos and his research team was the topic of exploration.

The report Youthification: The New Kid on the Block was prepared as a thought-leader piece, summarizing the state of the literature on the factors influencing young adults' residential location patterns. The report outlines various explanations for the increasing concentration of young adults in central areas, dubbed "youthification" and it presents information to help anticipate future housing and transportation patterns and affordability concerns.

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