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Markus Moos

Founder and Project Lead

Markus Moos is a Registered Professional Planner and Associate Professor in the School of Planning, Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. Professor Moos’ research is on the changing economy and social structure of cities, particularly generational change, Millennials and the youthification of central cities. His most recent work has examined the factors shaping Canada’s housing markets, the changing characteristics of our suburbs, and the affordability, sustainability and equity implications of present-day societal and urban change.

Tara Vinodrai

Project Collaborator

Tara Vinodrai is an Associate Professor in Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo. At the core of her research program is a concern with understanding and theorizing the dynamics of contemporary economic change and the emerging and evolving geographies of the knowledge-based economy. Her research is highly interdisciplinary in scope drawing on the social sciences, and innovation, organizational and management studies.

Pierre Filion

Project Collaborator

Pierre Filion is a professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo. His research projects have dealt with the relationship between transportation and land use, and with the impact of societal change on cities with a particular focus on values, the economy and institutions. More specific areas of research include downtowns, the changing structure of metropolitan regions and suburban centres.

Nick Revington

Graduate Student & Collaborator

Nick Revington is a PhD candidate in the School of Planning. His research explores the relationships between young adults’ housing, employment, and debt in Canadian cities, including broader implications for urban change and the economy. His thesis explores the political economy of the growing off-campus student housing market, and linkages among studentification, youthification, and gentrification.

Nabila Prayitno

Current Graduate Student

Transit experiences of young adults living in Toronto's high-rise suburbs

Robert Bruce

Current Graduate Student

Young adult neighbourhood form; Aesthetics of youthification; Unpacking neighbourhood authenticity

Filiz Tamer

Current Graduate Student

Gender and the generationed city; Housing affordability

Wendy Chen

Current Graduate Student

Housing and urban economics; Impact of student debt on homeownership

Jeff Henry

Former Graduate Student

"Peak Millennial"; Generational congestion in the housing market; Housing affordability and demographic change