Linking Stream Network Process Models to Robust Data Management Systems for the Purpose of Land-Use Decision Support

Principal Investigator: Bruce MacVicar

The project will develop online tools that combine knowledge from different disciplines and sources to inform decision-making regarding issues that could affect the health of streams and rivers. Consolidated monitoring and modelling data will be made available through a platform that will enhance understanding of the potential cumulative effects and risks associated with specific decisions such as land use planning, risk assessment (due to changes in climate) and stream restoration. Researchers are working with partners including municipalities and conservation authorities to ensure that information will be presented in a way that end users can in an easily digest such as through maps, tables and tailored report cards.


Case study watersheds: Wilket, Morningside and Ganatsekaigon Creeks in Toronto and Blair Creek in Kitchener

Bottom Line

Provide tools that give planners and resource managers easy access to the information they need to make wise land-use decisions that limit negative impacts on rivers.